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1. What should I expect from the session?

Each session varies depending on the issues you want to raise.  Generally you can expect to identify a parenting topic/concern that is important for you to address, receive education in that area, and come away with actionable steps to take. 

2. What are coaching & consultation and how are they different from therapy?

While Dr. Bolton is trained as a clinical and school psychologist, this work does not focus on identifying a clinically diagnosable concern or special need and addressing that.  Dr. Bolton does work with clients who have special needs and diagnoses, but the focus of coaching is to provide brief, solution-focused, evidence-based information tailored to your needs, not ongoing therapy. Coaching can be used collaboratively and in conjunction with your therapeutic or school-based team if you have a child with clinically significant needs related to his/her diagnosis.  For example, we love working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders to teach them evidenced-based social skills using the UCLA PEERS model or an adapted individualized model of that, but our work doesn't replace school-based services or other intervention and applied behavior support.

Dr. Bolton will review psychoeducational evaluations and assessments with you and provide consultation on navigating the school systems, but she will not provide a diagnosis or eligibility for special education. She is happy to provide referrals to excellent therapists and psychologists in the area upon request or if a concern meets a level of needing clinical support.

3. Do you accept insurance

We are not an in-network provider and will not file insurance on your behalf. This provides a number of benefits to our clients. However, we do realize this can be a financial burden for some and will consider reduced fees or scholarships. If your insurance reimburses for this type of work, we will provide a super bill for you to file.

4YES! Video coaching allows you to be in the comfort of your own home or any location you want that has a secure, high speed internet connection or a clear phone connection. 

5. Cancellation Policy

Please cancel or reschedule at least 24-hours in advance of your session or you will be charged for your session. 

6. What can I talk about?

Anything related to raising your child(ren), including your mental well-being, self-care, work-life balance & co-parenting; some suggestions are below.

  • Prenatal/New Parent Prep - identifying milestones, self-care, parenting values, creating a post-partum plan

  • Supporting Developmental Milestones

  • Sleep, Potty Training, Developing Routines, Communication, Educational Support/Academic Readiness

  • Positive Discipline

  • Screen Time - education, setting limits and easing transitions

  • Grief and Loss - how to communicate about loss in a developmentally appropriate way

  • Social Skills - how to make and keep friends

  • Resilience - building perseverance, letting our children fail for their own good

  • Co-parenting with different styles

  • Creating support systems with other parents - how to identify other parents with similar values

  • Stress, anxiety and any issues that get in the way of parenting or that your child might like to discuss.

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